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You want to make a change but your really trying to make long-lasting results this time?

I get it. Wherever we look we see and read about these quick diets, boot camps and quick-fix I will break down the truth - if you want results in the long run you need to have a proper mindset that goes along with it.

I have now worked in the health industry over 10 + years and after I have helped over thousands of people, there are certain characteristics I have noticed in those that actually succeed in the long-run and those who give up. I think when we want to make a change, we don´t always fully understand what it requires mentally to get there. On top of that, making nutrition and lifestyle changes can be challenging because there are many other elements that goes into it...emotions...stress...having a social life...etc. However, if you are trying to changes that you want to last, you have to understand your relationship with yourself and especially your food and there are certain things to consider:⁠

1. WHY do you want to change? Is it really for yourself or someone else? Be honest with yourself because you want the why to be motivating enough no matter how you are feeling.⁠ You want something that is deeper that just losing 5 kg. Is it to live long enough to see your grandchildren? Is it having energy for your kids? You want to actually feel good in your body?

2. GOALS write them down. This is so underrated, but how often do you actually commit and work on your health goals by writing them down? Do you vision what you want to feel like when you reach your goal? And what do you have if you don´t have your health? Health is number one in order for you to do the things you want in your life. How do you want to feel in your body? What do you want your health to be like? What do you want your health to be like 10-20 years from now?⁠

3. PATIENCE this one is huge. Just because you don´t see results within a week does not mean your not doing your body good. We typically don´t get to where we are today by one day, so therefore we cannot expect results to always be so quick. Be patient with yourself and do not give up.

4. CONSISTENCY it does not matter what you do once in a while, it is about what you do 90 % of the time. No one can cheat consistency, it is the toughest for most people but it is the most important one if you want long-term results. You need to make it a habit and this way staying consistent will also be much easier.

5. START You don´t have to wait for the right moment because even when it does arrive you might not feel motivated enough. This is common where people wait and think, after New Years I will start or right before summer I will start. Why can't we have health all year along? Start big or small! Everyone is different, some can make big changes at once because they are really motivated and they are all in and for some making smaller changes are more appropriate. Easiest way to know what works for you is to look back, realize what has actually worked for you in the past? If nothing worked, then it might be time for a different approach. ⁠Some are able to do this on their own and some need to seek help and this is ok! Do whatever will help you along the way.

6. RESPONSIBILITY only you can change you and it is your responsibility. Excuses, will not give you results. Actions, consistency, patience, goals will get you results. You have to take full credit of your actions if you want to change your eating habits, even if you partner, family member or someone else eats the exact opposite. If you know your why this will become much easier because you know exactly what you are working towards. ⁠

7. DON´T EXPECT IT TO BE PERFECT you need to let the mindset of things being "perfect" go. I have yet not met or helped anyone who has had a perfect ride trying to reach their goals. Things might get challenging, life might happen but whatever you do be prepared that things will not be perfect. You will most likely have small setbacks, it comes down to how you deal with them and how you learn from them moving forward!

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